Every time I see a deal on something that seems too good to be true, I hear my dad’s voice in my head saying, “Stu, you get what you pay for.”

I didn’t always listen to him and unfortunately paid more for “cheap” things. Either because they didn’t work as promised or cost more in the long run because I had to buy more or another one. Sometimes cheap actually cost more.

You see the same thing in the carpet cleaning industry. I saw a competitor’s ad the other day with a ridiculously low “cheap price.” One so cheap that if he actually honored the price while spending the time required to deliver quality service he would go out of business. Since he probably is not planning to go out of business, that means he MUST cut corners to make money.

He is either going to do a fast job so he can take money from a lot of customers or he must use less effective methods or cheaper cleaning solutions to cut costs. Either way, he’s going to do a cheap job, cheaply. And either way, his customers are losing. That is if he honors his “cheap deal.”

CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning does not work that way. We do a quality job at a fair price. That is why our customers get an EXACTimate. This means the price you are quoted is the price you pay. No surprises. All services included – cleaning, deodorizing, disinfecting and protecting. The other thing you will get is the service you deserve and carpet or upholstery that stays cleaner longer and smells great.

Now, that is getting what you pay for . . . .