Spring cleaning is that time-honored approach, annual ritual of “really cleaning the house.” There are a lot of ways to approach cleaning and everyone who deep cleans every year has different approaches, methods and products they like to use.

However, many of us are looking at “natural ways” to approach spring cleaning that keep our homes clean but also healthy.

We all know the risks of putting more chemicals into our living and work environments.

Since it’s once a year and the goal is to deep clean things we often just spruce up, here are some items to focus on and more healthy approaches to cleaning.

Clean your Carpets

It’s a good idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned while you are doing your spring cleaning that way you clean on a regular schedule.

People ask us “how often should I clean my carpets?”  The answer is “it depends” on your lifestyle.  If you have small kids or pets, heavy traffic from neighborhood kids or friends, come in and out of the house frequently, do a “dirty job” as Mike Rowe calls them, or don’t have the time to vacuum on a weekly basis – then we recommend every 6 months.

If none of this applies – then every 12 months.

Even if you vacuum your carpets every day, it can be nearly impossible to get all of the ground in dirt, dust, pet hair and dust mites out of it. The only way to get it really clean is to hire a professional to clean it for you. If you are in need of a carpet cleaner in the Brevard area, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Unlike traditional cleaners or “do it yourself” methods, your carpet will be cleaned using our CitruSolution and dry within a matter of hours, not days.  As our motto says, it CLEANS BETTER, DRIES FASTER, STAYS CLEANER LONGER, AND SMELLS GREAT!®

Clean your upholstery

We sit a lot.  Whatever you sat on all day or brushed up against in now in your upholstery.  Same goes for your spouse and kids – and who knows where they have been!! What about “rover and spike” the cat and dog have been laying in the grass, sand and dirt and they love to “take it easy” in the easy chair at the end of the day.  Upholstery should be cleaned every year at a minimum.  Don’t forget to vacuum upholstery while you clean the house.  An added benefit is you get to keep the change found in the cushions!!  When we clean upholstery, we vacuum first also, but give you the change.  We hand clean every stitch using our CitruSolution.  That way we reduce the risk of damage to your upholstery from chemical cleaning processes, machine agitation and hot water that can result in fabric pilling and puckering.  In between professional cleanings you can use our CitruSpotter we provide with every service call.  You can also use baking soda as a natural way to address odors. Regardless or the approach, remember to check your Care Tag.  This is where the manufacture has listed recommended cleaning methods.  Many use the following letter keys for cleaning methods:

W: OK to use water for cleaning

S: Only use a solvent-based cleaner on fabric

SW: Either water or a solvent cleaner is safe to use

X: Only use a vacuum for cleaning

We can help you with all listed cleaning methods.

Clean (and rotate) your area rugs

Area rugs are often the “front line” in the battle against dirt since they placed near doors and heavy traffic areas.  Not all area rugs should be thrown in the washer and dryer since some are natural fibers such as wool.  Some area rugs cannot handle the agitation or heat and become misshapen, some are not color-fast and lose their original beauty.  Unlike wall-to-wall carpet, we clean using smaller equipment and processes that clean while reducing risk of damage.  We can also clean large area rugs in house since we do not “wash” rugs in large, chemical bath units.  Rotate your area rugs, especially those that are anchored under furniture to help them keep the original shape and prevent fading due to sunlight exposure on the same area.

Clean your mattress

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” was one of my mom’s favorite (yet terrifying) bedtime sayings! If you don’t have bed bugs, we can clean your mattress.  Like upholstery, we clean mattress by hand removing surface dirt and dust.  Rotate and flip your mattress following manufacture’s recommendations.

What you have to clean on your own . . . . (or call us and we can recommend a house cleaner)

Scrub Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Now is a good time to clean your refrigerator and freezer. Instead of using a harsh cleaner, opt to make one yourself out of equal parts water and vinegar. To get in the corners and hard to reach places, use a toothbrush. You can also cut a lemon in half, put some baking soda on it and use it as a natural “scrub brush”.

Check Your AC Air Filter

The air filter for your AC system can keep your family healthy or can cause them harm. If it’s dirty and needs to be changed, your family can be breathing in all of the dust and debris that are on the filter. It can be difficult to remember to change your AC filter. Because of this, you should always change it when you are doing your spring cleaning. Eventually, changing it will become a habit.

Don’t forget to keep everyone safe and change Fire Alarm Batteries

While many people put up fire alarms with good intentions, they often forget about the maintenance of them. During spring cleaning, make sure you test the fire alarm to ensure that it’s in proper working order. Also, change the batteries even if they are still working. While it might seem like a waste to change batteries that aren’t dead, you don’t want to risk them no longer being able to power up your fire alarm in a crucial moment. You can always put those batteries in a less critical device, like a TV remote, if they still work. While you’re at, check your carbon monoxide detectors and your fire extinguishers as well.

What are some of your cleaning ideas?  Do you have favorite websites or Facebook Pages where you find natural approaches to cleaning?  Please e-mail me and let me know and we can include them on our website and future newsletters.