Soap Removal from Traditional Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever been frustrated by traditional steam cleaning processes?  Your carpet looks good immediately after cleaning, but spots reappear, and the carpet seems to get dirtier faster.  That’s because of the amount of soapy, chemically laden water that is left in your carpet.  Regardless of the type of equipment and the professionalism of traditional cleaners, the process has serious limitations.  The picture with our dirt napper system shows soap foam building up on our ring.  The after picture is when we have applied a “de-foamer” – like a hair rinse product for your carpet.  It breaks down the soap so it can be from your carpet.  The other picture is a worst-case scenario.  An untrained, fly by night “low cost” cleaner left all this soap in the carpet.  This shows how much in just a small area that was activated using our CitruSolution.

Dirt Allergen Removal

It is amazing what is in our carpet that we don’t even see or notice – especially hair and fine debris.  Here are some pictures of what we removed from customers’ carpets in our beater brush and vacuum bags.

Soil in Bedside Carpet

Often the skin oil from our feet contributes to building up of carpet soiling.  Acting as a magnet to attract dirt and soiling.  So much so, we may have forgotten the original color and brightness of the carpet.  Here we show the before soiling – the in-progress cleaning and final results.

Red Upholstery

Upholstery, especially on the arms and headrests attract are areas that attract dirt and soiling. The area becomes “shiny” and often the fabric hardens due to dirt and dust interacting with human skin oils and pet dander. The area becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Our process works on all types of upholstery – even when the care tag calls for “dry cleaning.” On all upholstery types, we test an inconspicuous area to ensure colorfastness. We vacuum all loose dirt, debris, and hair off the upholstery and then use our CitruSolution to clean, deodorize, disinfect and protect your upholstery.

Grey Upholstery

This couch was stored while a family moved to Florida. When they packed up, the couch did not seem “that dirty.”  Once unpacked they realized they did not want to put dirty furniture in a new, clean home. Soil builds up on the couch frame was caused by a dog who loved to lie near the family.  The “ringing” and spotting came from kids drinking on the couch while they watched TV – no sippy cups for this family! Ringing is caused when liquid collects dirt from the cushion as it spreads across the fabric and then dries.  The outside of the ring is all the dirt collected along the way.  Our CitruSolution lifts and removes all dirt so the frame and cushions are clean and healthy that this family was proud to put in their new home.

Print Toner in Commercial Carpet

A printer technician was working at a new account for a client who just moved into a new office, with new carpets.  Unfortunately, he spilled an entire toner cartridge of ink on the carpet while working on the printer.  The printer company president called to say that he “was now going to pay to replace the carpets if we could not pull off a miracle.”  Well, miracles are performed at CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning. This cleaning process took three steps. The first step was to vacuum and remove all loose and dry ink toner.  In phase one we used our full-strength CitruSolution to dilute the toner and we let it dry overnight.  In phase two we vacuumed again and then cleaned using our CitruSolution process.  Then “voila” miracle performed, and carpet saved!


A wife called to tell us her “clumsy husband had spilled an open bag of charcoal” in the utility room.  She went on to provide us a list of his shortcomings in addition to being clumsy.  Of course, she was sure “HE had ruined HER carpet.” CitruSolution neutralizes dirt and soiling so it can be easily removed from the carpet.  We were able to save a carpet and perhaps a marriage.

Pet Soiling

Pet soiling happens! Even the best trained dogs can have accidents in the home.  Between the spots and smells, what a mess!  We recommend that you immediately “dry up” or “pick up” as much as you can from the carpet.  For pet urine, that means using paper or cloth towels to soak up the liquid until the area is dry.  We recommend you use a wet vac or even a house vacuum cleaner once the area is dry to remove the crystalized urine.  The next step is to follow the many great, natural cleaning approaches found on the web using a combination of white vinegar, water and baking soda.  If those techniques don’t work, give us a call. In addition to removing the soiling and spots, we can disinfect and deodorize using botanically-based products in addition to our CitruSolution which naturally neutralizes pet soiling. If you “inherit” a problem carpet, pet soiling can “off gas” for a long time, leaving you with the pet odors.  We can find the soiling with black light and address the issue.  We can also make repair recommendations for heavy and repeated soiling.

Living Room

Wouldn’t be nice if your carpet looked as good as it did when you installed it? We can make new or existing carpet look better and healthier for you and your family.   New carpet off gasses volatile organic compounds or VOCs. That new carpet smell is thought to be the result of VOCs flowing throughout your home. Most of the VOCs in carpet comes from the latex backing, but it can also come from the carpet fiber, glue or other adhesive materials used in the installation. There are many chemicals involved but one of the most notorious carpet pollutants is called 4-phenylcyclohexenem, aka 4-PC. First purchase carpet with labeling that indicates “green” certification that uses fewer volatile components. Ask your installer to air out the carpet before installation and use installation techniques and glue that uses lower VOCs. Finally, give us a call. We can neutralize your carpet fiber using our HEPA filtered vacuums and CitruSolution cleaning process.

Dining Room

A customer called to say a relative was moving out of the townhome they had rented to them.  “Just a little dog hair and some light traffic areas.”  Famous last words.  The three dogs had shed enough to create another animal and soiled through-out the house.  We were able to clean it up so it could be rented again.

School Area Rugs

“A dirty kid equals a happy kid” Mary Atwood. However, we can keep your kid’s daycare or school clean and healthy.  We can clean play rugs and keep your kids learning environment clean and healthy.  We also offer a discount to teaching professionals and others in service professions like the military, law enforcement and first responders along with our fellow Veterans.

Berber Carpet

“Berber” comes from the weaving done by the Berber tribes of North Africa.  It is a low cost, attractive carpet that is used in many commercial offices and multi-unit residential units.  It has a lot of advantages but often shows traffic patterns in entry areas and thresholds. This is because larger loops tend to laydown in traffic areas especially if soiled.  Because of the loop design, Berber also tends to hold soap from previous cleaning processes which also attracts soiling.

Area Rug Cleaning

A customer called to ask if we cleaned oriental rugs.  “Of course, we do.  We specialize in fine area rugs both natural and synthetic fibers.” We went on to explain that for synthetic carpets that need standard cleaning, we can do that work in home.  For natural fiber or any carpet with heavy soiling 8×10 or larger we bring to the shop for cleaning.  She said her carper was rather large and since she had just bought it from a retail shop that was used it in the store, she did not know how dirty it was.  Well we found out! The carpet was a beautiful 12×16 oriental but with dull and lifeless color along with a strong dirt odor. When we picked it up it took three of us to load in the van.  I’m sure ten pounds was pure dirt and dust.  The dust pan shows the dirt we removed with our Sand Machine cleaning process where we turn the carpet upside down and “shake” dirt out of the fibers before our CitruSolution process.  The dust and debris is from the vacuum bag.