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Hi, I’m Chris!

He and his wife, who is also a Navy Veteran, stay busy raising two children and chasing two dogs! He is very active in the community and is the immediate past-chair of the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber Military Affairs Council. He also supports CitruSolution’s many Veteran activities and events!

Have you ever wondered why most other carpet cleaners don’t provide exact quotes?

The carpet cleaning industry has earned a bad reputation from the bait-and-switch carpet cleaning pricing games unscrupulous companies play. Why would you trust someone who uses an asterisk next to their pricing? The trick is in the fine print.

Would you trust someone who says there is a difference between “cleaning” and “deep cleaning?” Because they can charge higher carpet cleaning pricing for doing nothing more.

Why would you trust a company who pays their employees to “upsell” products and services as the only way for them to make a living wage? Because their entire business is based on profit and not service!

Our “exactimate” carpet cleaning pricing policy is as honest and up-front as we are!

Just count the number of rooms, halls, stairs, or furniture to be cleaned, and guaranteed you will NEVER be charged more than the quoted carpet cleaning price. If you counted right, you’ve got the right carpet cleaning price!

Special Rates for Single Items

There are situations in which we quote an “exactimate” special rate, such as trips to clean small areas or single items. We will do everything we can to schedule your work and minimize single item “exactimates.”

Cash Incentive

To limit pesky credit card charges, we provide an incentive to pay with cash or check offering a 3.50% customer cash discount.