Have you ever really thought about the chemicals that go into your carpet from traditional, soapy steam cleaning? I’m willing to bet not.

Traditional steam carpet cleaning processes use shampoos that are often filled with harsh chemicals! Even off-the-shelf products contain chemicals that stick to your carpet fiber. Many can be irritable to eyes, skin and your nasal passages. Probably not something that you want your little ones or pets crawling around in all day.

What’s a person to do though?

Regular, professional carpet cleaning is incredibly important as carpet harbors all that grit and grime, pollen, dust and everything else you encounter daily.

Think about it. Unless you take off your shoes at the door every time, everything you stepped in – gas and oil during your fill up, the restroom at work and the floor at the “greasy spoon” at lunch – it all gets tracked into your home.

Even in homes where no one is wearing shoes indoors, you’re still encountering dust, pet dander, hair, etc.

It’s impossible to keep it clean all the time. Vacuuming helps, but there comes a time that your carpet fibers and backing need a good, deep clean.

CitruSolution® Carpet Cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning solution available. Our solution is from citrus extracts. It cleans better, dries faster, stays clean longer and smells great.

Our solution is also good for the outside environment. The lack of toxic chemicals in our cleaning solution means that we don’t require the disposal of wastewater, eliminating the troublesome soap and phosphates that would be troublesome to the environment.

Start the year out right. Make a New Years’ commitment to keeping your home environment and the whole environment clean and healthy. Wipe your feet, vacuum regularly and call us to keep your home clean and healthy.