Cleaning your carpet is an important part of maintaining the appearance, keeping them healthy for you and your family, maintaining indoor air quality and extending the life of the carpet.

People often call a professional carpet cleaner only when necessary – meaning whenever there is a major spill, pet soiling or it’s just been too long between professional cleanings (or your mother-in-law is coming to visit!)

So, how often should you clean your carpet?

All carpet manufactures recommend at least every year.  Most homes in Florida homes would benefit from two cleanings per year.  But the right answer is up to you.

If you have . . . .

  • kids
  • pets
  • guests
  • family members who just cannot seem to wipe their feet

we recommend professional cleaning every six months.   We have many customers who clean every three months because they entertain, have pets or kids or allergies.

We also recommend that you schedule your cleanings around events or dates that make it easy to remember.  We clean our carpets and upholstery the week before Memorial Day and before all our Florida guests and family come to town for the summer . . . . and the week before Halloween before they come down for the winter.  I just can’t seem to move enough to keep them from finding us!

Another easy way to keep on schedule is to book your next appointment when we are there in your home.  We would be happy to get you on the schedule and provide you a discount for good planning.  Let us know and we’ll put you on the schedule and send you a friendly reminder the week before.

What to do in between professional cleanings?  Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Use our CitruSpotter we provide for spot cleaning and call us if there is an issue you can’t or don’t want to handle.

How to spot clean when something spills or spots

After every cleaning service, we provide a bottle of our spot cleaner CitruSpotter for you to use in-between professional cleanings. Using CitruSpotter in a timely manner allows for an accident to just be a spill and not become a stain. The difference between a stain and a spot can happen quickly if not addressed immediately.  Once a spot becomes a stain, it’s forever.

How to treat spills and spots

  • Don’t wait – address the issue immediately. Yes, put down your wine and get a towel!
  • If it is wet spill. Blot the area with a dry, absorbent white cloth or paper towel.  White is recommended so color does not move from the towel to the carpet
  • Work from the outside edge to the middle of the spot – blot straight down, don’t rub or wipe to prevent spreading the spill
  • You can dampen the cloth for most spills to dilute the spill and make it easier to remove
  • For dry soiling (dirt/pet) remove using the hand wand of your vacuum. Again, try to work on the spot and not spread the dirt or debris
  • Once most/all the soiling is removed you can clean the spot with CitruSpotter. Again, start by dampening the towel first and work outside in
  • The goal is to get most/all of a wet spill up before it dries. Once a spot that has color – wine, soda, ink or make-up dries the color may “set” and become a permanent stain
  • There are also many “hints” on the web. Our favorite techniques involve natural approaches like using vinegar to disinfect and baking soda to neutralize.  Just remember to use the right product for the right problem and try not to make it worse!
  • If all else fails – call us. We are happy to advise
  • Once you are done spot cleaning, call and schedule an appointment for us to come clean, deodorizing, disinfect and protect your carpet