Many of you know that I am an Army Veteran and long-time Brevard County resident.

What you may not know is that I pledged to give 10% of CitruSolution 2016 revenue to help fill the gap between state and local funding and what is needed to complete the renovation of the Brevard County Veterans Center.

People need to do more than put a “We Support Our Troops” bumper sticker on their cars.  Especially Veterans who know what it means to serve in the armed forces.  Building a one-of-a-kind museum that honors the sacrifice of those who served is also a one-of-a-kind opportunity for me to help.

In addition to the 10% “In Your Honor“ give back program, I am the current Chair of the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber Military Affairs Council, a life member of the Brevard Veterans Center, a Disabled American Veteran and American Legion member; I also donate “time and treasure” here in Brevard to National Veterans Homeless Support and the American Veterans Empowerment Team.

My business is also focused on helping Veterans. I am the National Director of Franchise Opportunities for the CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Company.  CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning “cleans better, dries faster stays clean longer and smells great” using citrus and other botanicals to keep customers’ homes and offices clean and healthy.   I lead the effort to put Veterans into business.  I have successfully helped two Marines set-up and operate their own franchises in Orlando and Louisville.

I joined the BVC as soon as I moved back to Brevard. When Donn Weaver told me we faced a big gap in funding to complete the museum in a council meeting, I immediately told him that I would give 10% of my total annual revenue to the effort.

I know I can’t do it alone so I am “recruiting my customers” to help.  Since I provide set pricing that I call an “exactimate” customers know that exactly what he will be donating before we start the job.  I don’t like surprises, which is common in my industry; people provide a low-ball estimate and then make you pay more when they see your place.  Not fair or right, in my opinion.

For my current customers, I thank you for your support.  For those who haven’t used me, please consider us and you will be helping Veterans at the same time.