It finally happened. Years of caution and discretion, countless successfully clean dinner parties and movie nights have all come crashing down. 


There is a stain on your carpet, and it’s deep. 


Keep calm! Beyond all other factors, the most important thing on your mind is getting the stain out. That said, the carefully health conscious side of you doesn’t want any chemicals released into your home for the sake of a stainless living room. That’s where we come in.


What’s the Difference? CitruSolution vs. Other Cleaning Products


While we pride ourselves on serving our clients with the most effective product around, what truly separate our CitruSolution from the competition is our ingredients. 


Many carpet cleaning products use a chemical called perchloroethylene, which is a dry cleaning chemical that has been known to cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Others use naphthalene, which the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has used as an identifying factor in hazardous waste sites. It simply doesn’t make sense to us why ingredients like these would be used to clean a family’s carpet or upholstery.


So what’s our alternative? Limeone, that’s what!


Limeone is a key ingredient in our CitruSolution cleaning products, which is found in the peels of citrus fruits and other plants. Along with that, the chemical is used to promote weight loss, treat cancer, and is useful for a number of other medicinal purposes. We also use citric acid, which is also naturally found in (you guessed it!) citrus fruits.


So when you’re evaluating what to do about that forlorn stain in the carpet, think about what you’re using. Keeping things clean is nice, but keeping your family healthy is crucial. Next time you’re calling on a cleaner to save the day, take a healthy tip and make sure to clean with the natural stuff!