Imagine there is a larger base of soil, dust and spilled material in your carpet than what you see.  At the carpet’s surface is the “tip of the iceberg” and there is more soil and spill below.
Wicking is actually an expected result of carpets drying.
Soil, dust, dander and spilled material “wells up” at the base of your carpet fiber on the carpet backing fabric (what your carpet fiber is sewn into).  If there is enough volume or your carpet is older/worn the soil or spill can actually seep through the backing into your carpet padding.  If there is sufficient volume such as a large spill or repeated pet soiling it may even penetrate into the sub floor.
As the carpet dries, soil, dust, dander and other material such as sugar from a spilled soda or coffee “rides” evaporation (water from steam cleaning or commercial cleaning products) to the top of the carpet fiber.
Unfortunately, antiquated processes such as steam cleaning and commercial cleaning products only worsen the situation.  Both cleaning processes add soap – aka “detergent”, “additives”, “sodium hydroxide”, and other marketing names.  In addition, many products contain phosphate which is proven to support the growth of algae.  Not the type of products you want in your carpet or home or released into the environment.
The average steam cleaning process only extracts two-thirds of the water and soap that is put in your carpet.  So, if 10 gallons are used to clean an average bedroom carpet about 3 gallons of water and soap remain and take forever to dry – especially in Florida’s high humidity.
How the CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process addresses wicking
First, our product does not contain soap.  Our active cleaning ingredient is Citric Acid.  A botanical and safe additive in many cleaning products.  Since we don’t add soap there is nothing for the dirt to stick to as the carpet dries.
Our cleaning process reaches the carpet backing and removes the soil or spill.
We spray our CitruSolution onto your carpet in the correct amount to clean your carpet fiber, not soak your carpet, backing, and pad.
Our CitruSolution contains a PH balanced protectant that remains in your carpet to prevent new soiling from sticking to your carpet fiber.
We provide a 32oz bottle of CitruSolution with every cleaning.  This way you can keep your home clean and healthy between professional cleanings.  “We don’t want to clean your carpet all the time – just when you need a professional.”